Mission ménage is a cleaning company for 7 years on the Montreal region. We are a family cleaning Our team consists only of cleaning professionals, no unqualified or temporary staff.

We offer cleaning services through maintenance contracts for routine cleaning, weekly maintenance of your home & business.

We are aware that good housekeeping reflects the image and operation of a condominium and an enterprise. We use our expertise and experience to be the ideal partner.

Mission ménage offers high quality services to ensure your daily well-being in your buildings or offices. Clean stairs, a sanitized place and a pleasant smell after our visit.

Our unique operating the quality of our work is exemplary and subsite daily !

- Your place will be followed by a maximum of 2 people, a team of professionals, some temporary or unskilled, to ensure a quality service in accordance with the premises !

- Our stakeholders are moving to a benefit and not a time quota, which means they will take the time necessary to perform the duties required.

- We set up a liaison form to facilitate communication, to collect your opinions and after our visits and make changes if necessary.

Professional service

Mission ménage wants to relieve you of the chores so that your time is spent on basic things such as family, leisure, your fulfillment. It would therefore be inappropriate to charge you long...

Franchise Opportunity

Mission ménage offers passionate candidates who prioritize the customer service and looking for a challenging work environment, competitive and growing, to join our team and contribute to the...

Residential service

Housework regularly is the possibility of finding ever own affairs in order as desired. It is also still live in a healthy environment. The rest is no longer tempered by stress or excitement...

Commercial Service

Maintenance Commercial and Industrial Appliances: We help you deliver a...

Many professionals agree that there are many cleaning companies in the market, however the Quality is not always the rendezvous. With our unique operation in cleaning, we want to prove our partners there are still serious cleaning companies and invested in their performances.